Full mentorship for USA [VIP tariff]


Unlock Your Path to Top U.S. Universities with Our Comprehensive Mentorship Program!

Why Choose Us:

Our track record speaks for itself – our students have successfully gained admission to prestigious universities in the U.S. and Europe, securing grants of at least $100,000 each.

Meet Tursunoy, the visionary behind our project, who earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees entirely through grants. As a UGRAD 2017 program finalist and with 2 years of experience at American Councils, she brings a wealth of knowledge to guide you through the university application process.

Benefits of Enrolling in Our Mentorship Program:

1. **Guaranteed Admission:** We ensure your admission to top-notch universities.

2. **Maximize Scholarship Opportunities:** Our experts help you select programs for scholarships and funding.

3. **Comprehensive Support:** From exam preparation to university selection, scholarship application, visa assistance, and communication with admissions committees – we’re with you every step of the way.

Embark on your journey to success with our full mentorship program. Don’t just dream about top universities; make it a reality with our proven guidance!


Full Mentorship for USA [VIP Package] Offers:

1. **Complete Course Access:**
– Scholarship Bootcamp, Apply to USA, EYUF, and more.

2. **Weekly Webinars:**
Stay engaged with weekly webinars providing valuable insights.

3. **Extensive Universities Database:**
Access a comprehensive database featuring top universities.

4. **Scholarship Database:**
Explore numerous scholarship opportunities tailored to your needs.

5. **Letter of Recommendation Structure:**
Learn the art of crafting compelling recommendation letters.

6. **Statement of Purpose Framework:**
Master the structure for impactful Statements of Purpose.

7. **Group Format Personal Branding:**
Collaboratively work on developing your personal brand.

8. **Volunteering Database:**
Discover valuable volunteering opportunities.

9. **Conference Discounts:**
Avail exclusive discounts for relevant conferences.

10. **Resume Building:**
Develop a strong and impressive resume.

11. **Individual Branding Work:**
Receive personalized guidance for building your personal brand.

12. **Weekly Online Lectures and Events:**
Engage in a closed community with lectures, alumni interviews from top universities, and more.

13. **General Chat with Founder and Personal Mentor:**
Direct communication channels with the Founder and your dedicated mentor.

14. **Monthly Branding Enhancement Opportunities:**
Stay ahead with monthly opportunities to strengthen your personal brand.

15. **Individual Document Preparation:**
Work closely with a mentor for the meticulous preparation of all necessary documents.

16. **Application Submissions:**
Assistance in submitting applications to 20 for BS / 6 for MS universities.

17. **Endless Access to Channels and Data:**
Continuous access to our resources and channels.

18. **Correspondence for Grant Increases:**
Engage in communication with universities of your choice regarding grant increases.

19. **Writing Services (Unlimited):**
– Motivation Letters
– Recommendation Letters
– Resume Writing
– Additional Motivational Letters

20. **Common App Portal Assistance:**
Support in filling out applications through Common App portals.

21. **Supervision of Essential Documents:**
Ensure correct completion and submission of the School Report and recommendation letters by your referees.

22. **CSS Profile Completion:**
Assistance in filling out the CSS profile.

23. **Document Verification by Founder:**
Validate your application documents with the founder’s expertise.

24. **Interview Preparation:**
Prepare for interviews at selected universities.

25. **Student Visa Guidance:**
Receive advice on the student visa application process.

26. **El-Yurt Umidi Interview Preparation:**
Prepare for the El-Yurt Umidi interview and other international grants.

Embark on your academic journey with our VIP mentorship, tailored for unparalleled success in securing admission to top U.S. universities.