Editing motivational letter



Editing  motivational letter

We will write you the most persuasive motivation letter that will help you to be accepted in the top Universities of the World.

A motivation letter is the most important component of an application for admission to foreign universities. Our team has edited hundreds of essays for various universities around the world.

The higher the ranking position of the university you want to get into, the more personal, thoughtful and persuasive your essay should be.

A motivation letter cannot be downloaded from the Internet, as university admissions committees carefully check the essay for authenticity.

The assistance of specialists is aimed mainly at:

  • Strengthening the demonstration of your advantages;
  • Improving integrity and structure;
  • Strengthening persuasiveness and argumentation;
  • Improving stylistics and grammar;
  • Editing essays according to the requirements of the university.


Completion time seven working days!